These Faucets payout and have proven to be reliable

Welcome to Faucetselection.

I want to offer my selection of premium faucets that have proven to be reliable since at least one year. Also very important, these faucets don't use hijacking pop-ups that can only be closed via ctrl-alt-del.

If you do not own a Bitcoin wallet, I advise you te check out the page Bitcoin explained first.

If you're a faucet owner, and interested in your website being added to my list, please send me an email at

Important: Only paying faucets without click bait of hijacking pop-ups will make it to my lists.

Please enjoy this faucet list and everything this website has to offer.

Hint: If you open all faucets below (in new window), and you can claim non stop. That's what we want, don't we?

Premium faucets

Website Payout (satoshi) Timer (minutes)
Free (recommended, see review) 200 USD in BTC max (+4.08% annual interest) 60
Moon bitcoin Growing over time 5
Bonus Bitcoin (see review) up to 5000 15

Reliable faucets

Website Payout (satoshi) Timer (minutes)
Time for Bitcoin Growing 5
ChronoX Growing 5
WeatherX Depending on temperature maximum 5
SunBTC 13 5
Get Your Bitcoin 21 5
World of 21 5
Field Bitcoins Variable 5
HueFaucet 10 - 20 5
PurseFaucets 10 5
PurseFaucets 2 10 5
TrustBTCFaucet up to 888 5