Review of Bonus Bitcoin

Rating 4.5/5

Bonus Bitcoin is a mobile friendly website.

When you visit Bonus Bitcoin for the first time, you need to register in order to continue. After registration, you'll enter a website with a simple layout. Probably a little bit heavy on advertising however. It's not to bothersome since advertising income is the main source of income. Still the advertising opening new tabs is a minor annoyance.


Bonus Bitcoin offers the possibility to deposit Bitcoin to wager in a dice game. Also Bonus Bitcoin has an offer wall for offers and surveys.

There is an option to claim the average amount or to claim a random amount. Since the chances of winning jackpot are slim, it is probably best to settle for the average amount.


The minimal amount for withdrawal is 10.000 Satoshi. However, due to high mining fees, a fee of 1.000 Satoshi was introduced by Bonus Bitcoin. No fees have to be payed for withdrawal of >50.000 Satoshi.


There is a 5% bonus of the total of all faucet claims from the past 72 hours. This makes Bonus Bitcoin a very interesting faucet for busy clients. There is no statement on how the faucet owner can fund this faucet and the 5% bonus. However, considering a Alexa rating of about 9.000, the site will generate enough income from advertising.


Why do I think Bonus Bitcoin can be trusted? Well, of course there is no guarantee at all, but ...

  • The site has launched in 2015;
  • The Alexa rating (popularity) is <9000;
  • The site uses safe encryption (SSL) for sending personal information like email adres and password.


The website Bonus Bitcoin is a very good Bitcoin faucets. Reliable and straight forward on design and content. Very interesting 5% bonus. A minor annoyance however is the opening of advertising on new tabs.


Review date: April 17 2017

Bonusbitcoin review
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