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Rating 5/5 is a mobile friendly website.

When you visit for the first time, you need to register in order to continue. After registration, you'll enter a website with a simple layout and a clear menu. No fancy or flashy animations, just a faucet with a change of winning and equivalent of $200 in Bitcoin.

There is also an option to wager your newly earned, or deposited Bitcoin in a multiply game. The maximum profit per bet is 20 Bitcoin.

Of course the chances of winning the jackpot are slim.

The FAQ section is clear and comprehensive.


After reaching a balance of 30.000 Satoshi, you can choose for a direct payout to your own wallet. However, the best thing thing about is the 4% annual interest you will receive on your Bitcoin if your balance is at least 30.000 Satoshi!


How will cover this interest rate? By a combination of advertising income, the income from the multiply game, and their own mining facility. I think this interest rate is realistic and the costs appear to be covered.

The option for a 2 factor authentication is very much recommended to protect your Bitcoin.


Why do I think can be trusted? Well, of course there is no guarantee at all, but ...

  • The site has launched in 2013;
  • The Alexa rating (popularity) is <2000;
  • The site uses safe encryption (SSL) for sending personal information like email adres and password;
  • Their income from mining is traceable;


The website is arguably one of the best Bitcoin faucets on the Internet. Reliable, no annoying advertising, and you'll get a realistic interest rate on your Bitcoin savings.


Review date: April 17 2017

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